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Unit Price: US $35


BINDER/kendrion TYP:32 07333H00

We have TORQ brand stock.TORQ brand has better quality and more durable.

[Origin China] [Brand TORQ] [brand new]

Different brands have different mounting dimensions, but the electrical performance is identical and can be substituted for each other.

According to the quantity of your order, we have different degrees of discount.

If the order is more than 5 pieces, the unit price is 32 USD,
If the order is more than 15 pieces, the unit price is 28 USD,

We are manufacturer,We accept large orders, too.

About freight charges:

The commonly used express services are DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, SF-express and postal service, etc,Or we can arrange to transportation by sea. 

We will according to your delivery address and your request (low price or arrive as soon as possible),Provide you with an option.

Please contact us before placing an order to determine the actual transportation cost

(the freight charges are not included in the price of the goods).

About payment:
1)We accept Western Union,MoneyGram,Bank Payment,Paypal.
But we recommend that you use Western Union(or MoneyGram).It is very fast and there is no additional charge.And it will not be refused to receive foreign exchange. Not subject to government foreign exchange control.
2)If Bank transfer.Because the Chinese government implements foreign exchange control, So you should not write down the purpose of remittance on the draft, Do not write"PI No.","payment for goods","trading",etc., If you must write down the purpose of the remittance, you can write "service fee" or "tuition fee".Otherwise,Our bank will refund your money.
Our “Bank of China” has no fees.If your bank needs to go through third party banks,it will charge you a fee.Please consult your bank.
3)If Paypal.Must contact us first,make sure you don't return and refund.
We don't accept returns or refunds.(So,Before the remittance,Make sure the selection is correct.Therefore, it is necessary to do prior communication.)

Please Email to youpaigd@163.com,or youpaigd@hotmail.com,





TEL: (+86) 8263 3560,(+86)189 3865 7959

Our English is poor. Please don't use the telephone to contact us.Send e-mail using standard English, and try not to use abbreviated words or wrong words.

Thank you very much.

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